INTENDED USE : HEPAMARINE contains high level of vitamins
and trace elements, hepatoprotectants (e.g. Slimarin, Cynarin )
and methyl donors (e.g. cholin, methionine). Vitamins (e.g.
Niacin) may improve fat metabolism and metil donors (e.g.
choline, methionine) may protect liver by increasing
lipoprotein sythesis which is increasing fatty acid infiltartion
from liver. Peripartum dairy cow may mobilize fat tissues
extensively due to environmental and nutritional stress and
casue to increase fat content of hepatocytes. HEPAMARINE
may prevent overproduction of free radicals in liver and fatty
liver syndrom and HEPAMARINE could be utilized for
treatment of fatty liver and ketosis with contents of glucogenic
substances. Additionally high vitamin and mineral content
and hepatoprotectants may improve cow healt and
reproductive performance.