Portagem Zirkon is mineral-vitamin lick block including buffer
for dairy and fattening cattle. It may cover mineral and vitamin
requirements of dairy and fattening cattle. Portagem Zirkon
may improve feed intake, daily gain and milk production under
conditions of vitamin and mineral defficiency. Potagem Zirkon
prevents pica (such as wall licking soil eating) due to mineral

USAGE: Portagem Zirkon could be used to meet mineral
requirements of all kinds of ruminants and may supply vitamin
A, D and E (e.g. feedlot cattle, dairy cattle, camel, sheep, goat,
calf, lamb, kids). It shuld be supplied as free choice by hanging
easily accesible places or putting feeders. It is manufactured
especially as durable all environmental conditions and It is not
indissouble and shatterproof.